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This year, we broadcasted the event online with an agenda packed with everything you need to know about Kentico Xperience. You can watch all the recordings of the talks for free. And if you are interested in knowing more, plan a demo call with us.


Day One:

The future of Kentico Xperience, Version 13 and beyond

Petr Palas
CEO at Kentico
Ryan Overton
Developer Evangelist at Kentico
Let’s kick-off Connection 2020 by taking a look at recent company changes and what’s in store for you throughout this event, with a sneak peek into the future of Kentico Xperience.
Dominik Pinter
VP Product at Kentico
Discover how we plan to modernize our much-loved product, Kentico Xperience, what will happen after the next release, and upcoming changes to our business model.
Marek Fesar
Principal Technical Leader at Kentico
Concerned about the future of your MVC projects? Dive into the main aspects of MVC development in .NET Core, key features, and what to expect when rewriting an existing project. Plus, get a taste of the new admin user interface!
David Komarek
Lead Product Manager at Kentico
Marketing automation. Everyone knows it exists, but not everybody is using it to its full potential. And some just missed it altogether. We have taken steps to change this and make it available to everyone. 

Let’s see how marketing automation templates, new and shiny job-oriented UI, and many other tweaks can help marketers.
Brian McKeiver
Partner/Senior Developer at BizStream
Constant Care automates the review of over 75 points of performance. It provides daily easy-to-follow instructions on how to resolve page load speed, security, and general best practice issues.  

See it in action and learn how to ensure your Kentico Xperience website is always running at optimal performance and stability levels.
Ryan Overton
Developer Evangelist at Kentico

Day Two:

How to leverage all the possibilities of a DXP and ASP.NET Core MVC

Jazmine Betz
Senior Market Research Analyst at G2
The standard business technology stack is growing, founding a new problem in regards to digital transformation: disconnection. We’ll discuss the potential for digital experience platforms to provide a solution to the disintegrated tech stack.
Lino Tadros
Chief Technology Evangelist & Training Lead at American Eagle
With Kentico Xperience 13, the new gold standard for development is now MVC Core! In this session, we’ll look at the latest architecture and paradigm on using MVC Core for your development and improving efficiencies. With MVC Core, architectural foundations are set for site speed and web accessibility as cornerstone themes for ‘best practice’ development. 

Attendees will come away with an advanced understanding of this new release and will be ready to tackle implementation on their website, setting themselves up for future success on the platform. 
David te Kloese
Digital Consultant at Emakina
Your world-class application is finally live. The dust settles, and you can start to breathe again; "So that Marketing Automation thing, can you turn that on? Just repeat what you did with others". In this session, we'll share some tips and tricks on how to set up and effectively use Marketing Automation features in Kentico Xperience.
Brian McKeiver
Partner & Senior Developer at BizStream
With the advent of Kentico Xperience 13 support for .NET Core, and the end of life of the Portal Engine on the horizon, see how migrated their blog from Portal Engine to MVC. You'll see each step of the process, review some pitfalls, and look under the hood of the new solution. 
Leave with some tools that might make your journey to MVC easier!
Lukas Bajer
Training Specialist at Kentico
Gone are the days when you manually direct each marketing activity to create a personalized customer experience. Today, you can set up automated processes tailored to your customer needs so you can provide the best content that fits their individual preferences at the right time. 

See how to use new features, such as time-based triggers, A/B testing of automated emails or advanced reporting, and learn how to build automated processes fast.
Mike Wills
Director of Development at BlueModus
It's time to adopt Kentico Xperience's digital marketing features to increase your marketing capabilities! Discover how others have experienced real-world success and overcome challenges of using these must-have features!
Dave Conder
CTO at BlueModus
Chester's Chicken is one of the largest franchises in the U.S. with more than 1,000 locations. They selected Kentico Xperience as the platform to power its website – serving both franchisees and consumers.  

Built on Kentico Xperience 13, we'll look at how the Chester's Chicken website incorporates Kentico Xperience's PageBuilder, enabling authors to build out rich pages featuring their menu and promotions.
Sean Wright
Web Developer at WiredViews
To build a maintainable and scalable Kentico Xperience application, we need a strategy to direct our development efforts.  

Let's explore key parts of the platform, including custom Page Types, the Page Builder, and MVC Page Templates, from a content-first perspective that will help you avoid several anti-patterns, like isolated or unstructured content and mixing content and design.
Gabriela Takacova
Head of Business Development at Recombee
See how machine learning and AI algorithms can help you get the most out of smart personalization at scale and instantly boost your CTRs and revenue.  

Find out more about Recombee, the next-generation content and product recommendation engine that analyzes user behavior and metadata and helps sites and apps of all sizes to personalize UX for individual users. 
Michal Samuhel
Solution Architect at Kentico
Want to use modern serverless solutions like Azure Function or Blazor? Want to utilize well known CMS functionality alongside those? Let's see what parts of the Kentico API can help you do just that!
Branislav Smik
Customer Education Leader at Kentico
Discover the key educational resources you and your customers can utilize to increase the efficiency of your projects. 

We'll dive into the materials you should be using to make onboarding or project handover a breeze. Plus, we’ll share the learning resources you might've missed, and what do we plan next.
Andy Thompson
CTO at Luminary
Troy Muir
Director at National Heart Foundation of Australia
The Heart Foundation provides consumers, carers, and professionals with an access point for getting help, information, and support for heart health and associated programs.  

See how they have leveraged Kentico Xperience to create a contextualized and highly personalized user experience for such a broad and diverse set of visitor personas using an enormous amount of high quality and targeted content.
Liam Cavanagh
Principal Program Manager for Azure Cognitive Search at Microsoft
Brian McKeiver
Partner & Senior Developer at BizStream
Microsoft Azure Cognitive Search is a fully managed cloud search service with built-in AI capabilities that can identify and explore relevant content at scale. Learn how Kentico Xperience’s integration with Azure Cognitive Search can take your website search capabilities to the next level.
Joel Koenigs
CTO at Risdall Marketing Group
Wings Financial Credit Union and Risdall Marketing Group collaborate to share their journey towards improving user experience, enhancing content and data management, and delivering on business goals with a redesign on Kentico Xperience. 
Dmytro Kuzmin
Developer at Kentico
Kentico Voice Interface (KEVIN) was a surprise announcement at last year’s Connection, and now it’s here! Let’s take a first look at the KEVIN module, and its integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Learn how to create your own voice commands and control Kentico Xperience 13 through your favorite voice assistant.

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